GlobalPorter : Airport services, Radar, Control Tower, Heliport

Airport services, Radar, Control Tower, Heliport

Global Porter can provide following Airport support services.

RMT Airport Primary/Secondary Surveillance Radar

The RMT solid state airport surveillance radar is designed with objective to eliminate the most common failures of the standard airport radars. Company engineers analyzed all the known problems - one by one, and they addressed them with completely revised design. This evolved in new high performance reliable radar system with low maintenance requirements.

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Modular Airport Control Tower (MACT)

Modular Airport Control Tower (MACT) is a simple, inexpensive control tower alternative for airports with a runway and no technical equipment. No need for extensive projects, building, excavation and construction work. Modules transported to the site - standard size transportation containers, can be erected within one day. MACT tower can handle regular commercial traffic on runways up to 3000 m long, and it lasts more than 15 years.

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Mobile Heliport

This heliport is designed to be transported with use of the regular SUV vehicle (or in standard container) . It consists of the trailer carrying plastic interlocking pads that create sturdy flat clear surface for helicopter operation that prevents lift of the small objects from ground or sand in desert areas into a the intake of the helicopter turbo shaft engine. Trailer also holds the landing lights and signal system, generator, meteorological station and standard aviation communication system. Typical deployment time is 30 minutes. Operating temperature -40 +55C. Operating surfaces: turf, soil, sand, gravel, tarmac, concrete.

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