Kamov Ka 226 is a small, twin-engine utility helicopter. The Ka 226 features an interchangeable mission pod, rather than a conventional cabin, allowing for use of various accommodation or equipment configurations.
Design is a refinement of the proven Ka 226 with various interchangeable mission pods. The aircraft is fitted with a new rotor system, increased visibility nose, and new passenger cabin design. The Ka 226 features a new transmission system and is made largely from composite materials.
Ka 226 can operate in temperatures from - 50C to +45C, under harsh marine and icing conditions at geographical latitudes to 75. Compared with single rotor helicopters with tail rotor configuration, coaxial rotor helicopters have a number of advantages due to its specific layout:

- the absence of the tail rotor allows for higher load lifting capacity, higher OGE hover ceiling and ability to fly at the altitude of 6000 m due to high efficiency of the helicopter coaxial configuration

- simple interaction between individual helicopter control systems makes the control of KA 226 helicopter much easier

- shorter tail boom makes KA 226 helicopter compact and highly maneuverable, that allows to operate the helicopter better from off-shore platforms, ships, and other limited spaces:  for example during firefighting maneuvers’ close to urban high rise areas.

- without tail rotor KA 226 helicopter can land and take-off from unprepared sites with overgrown shrubs and it also  eliminates  ground personnel injuries.


Ka-226 - Transport version: - can carry up to 1100 kg inside cabin, or 1100 kg as “flying crane” on outside sling, for heavy lifting, high rise buildings, power and gas lines installations,  unloading ships, logging etc.
Ka–226 - Passenger carrying version: - transportation up to 9 persons in cabin with low level of noise and vibration.
Ka–226 - Search and rescue version: - external hoists 200kg for rescue baskets,  stretchers, NVG, FLIR, PA system, infl. emergency floats, additional navigation, infrared search camera system. Evacuation capability up to 9 persons. 
Ka–226 – Ambulance/Medivac version: - transportation of 2 - 4 patients on stretchers, emergency first aid possible on board. Emergency medical module with special equipment.
Ka–226 - Fire fighting version: - Bambi bucket 1100L or VSU 1100L water drain system, transportation of up to 9 firefighters, lifting personal equipment, oxygen system. Optional equipment for horizontal fire extinguishing in the high rise buildings.
Ka–226 - Military version: - can carry up to 6 troops, and other equipment inside, or on pods outside of fuselage
Ka–226 -Training version – with two controls

Design Features:

High power/weight ratio compact air transporter with high level of the stability. Flight and climbing with one failed and one working engine, all the main hydraulic and fuel systems are duplicated, deicing, fire protection, emergency locator, absorption pilot seats, engine starts without ground APU unit.

  Download Full Feature Brouchure: KA 226


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