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MI 171 is one of the most successful, reliable and durable medium multifunctional helicopters on today’s world market. With hundreds of these units operating 100 million flying hours in thirty countries, this is a helicopter that you can rely on in all latitudes, from freezing cold of North Pole to the scorching heat of Africa - where is it used by the UN on various everyday missions.


Mi  171 - Transport version: - can carry up to 4000 kg inside of the spacious 27 m3 cabin, or 4000 kg on outside sling
Mi 171 - Passenger carrying version: - transportation up to 26 persons in airliner surrounding, with large square windows, luggage compartment, lavatory, AC system, low level of noise and vibration
Mi 171 - VIP and corporate version: - up to 14 passengers in high comfort with steward, audio video, satellite communication, highest quality materials, and high level of noise and vibration suppression
Mi  171 - Search and rescue version: - two external hoists 150 kg and 270 kg or 300kg for rescue baskets, 12 stretchers, NVG, FLIR, PA system, pneumatic emergency floats, Doppler weather radar, additional navigation, infrared search camera system. Evacuation capability of up to 37 persons. 
Mi  171 – Ambulance/Medivac version: - transportation of up to 12 injured on stretchers with medical attendants, emergency first aid and urgent field surgical aid possible on board.
Mi  171 - Fire fighting version: - Bambi bucket 3500 L or VSU 5,  4000L water drain system, transportation of up to 37 firefighters with equipment, lifting personal equipment, oxygen system. Optional Simplex system for horizontal fire fighting in high rise buildings.
Mi  171 - Military version: - can carry up to 37 troops, transport vehicles, or other equipment inside or on pods outside of fuselage

Design Features:

Flight and climbing with one failed and one working engine, all the main hydraulic systems are duplicated, deicing, fire protection, emergency locator, high passenger cabin ceiling 1.8m, absorption pilot seats, two flame proof GT40PCH8V generators, engine starting without ground APU unit.

  Download Full Feature Brouchure: Mi 171


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