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Mil Aktai
Helicopter Mil Aktai for sale, Mil Aktai for lease, Mil Aktai leasing

The Aktai is a light multirole helicopter, created with traditional Russian products for the simplicity of maintenance, reliability under harsh conditions (snow, winder, and dust etc.) and the opportunity to use cheap automobile gasoline, oil and lubricants. Typical for Russia demands of reliable starting under low temperatures.

Designers also achieved a low fuel consumption and noise levels. "Aktay" features a large luggage compartment and can accommodate a stretcher and medical attendant for paramedic use.

Work began in 1996 and was revealed at the Moscow Air Show, 19 August 1997, with a display of the prototype. The second, engineering prototype was built in 1998. Kazan decided in mid-2001 to begin building the main prototype to fly in 2003.

Design Features:

Intended for light transport, patrol, medical evacuation and training. Certification will be to FAR PT 27. A conventional pod and boom configuration with a T tail and semi-articulated three-blade main rotor; tapered blades on production version; max (emergency) rotation speed 2,586 rpm; rotor brake; no provision for folding; Red October VR-10 main gearbox, transmission rating 216kW; engine input 6,000 rpm. Constructed with the XP-10 gearbox for two-blade tail rotor with extensive use of composites throughout, including the main rotor blades.


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