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Kamov KA 60

The Ka-60 Kasatka or Killer Whale helicopter is a medium weight transport helicopter developed by Kamov. The Ka-60 is designed for carrying troops, weapons and ammunition to the battlefield, evacuation of casualties and cargo transport using the external hook. Kamov first unveiled the Ka-60 helicopter in 1997 and its first flight took place in 1998. The helicopter went on international display at the MAKS 1999 show held in Moscow. As well as the Ka-60 transport, Kamov has developed a civilian utility variant, the Ka-62.

Seating: 16 (14+2)

Take-off Weight:
Maximum: 6500 kg

Basic Variants:

Export model. Western certified, equipped with two General Electric T700/CT7-2D1 engines and five-blade main rotor.

Design Features:

The Ka-60 has a maximum speed of 300km/h and maximum range with internal fuel of 625km. Composite materials make up about 60% of the helicopter's structural weight. The four-bladed composite main rotors have swept back tips and a 13.5m diameter. The rotors are resistant to 23mm shells. The tail rotor in the tail ring is a multi-blade design with eleven blades. The fan blades are of carbon reinforced Kevlar. The Ka-60 Kasatka has an infrared absorbent coating and a low infrared exhaust in order to reduce the thermal signature. A radar absorbent coating has been used to provide low radar cross section. The helicopter systems and components have redundancy, the duplicated systems being installed on opposite sides of the fuselage.


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