GlobalPorter : Mobile Heliport

Mobile Heliport

This heliport is designed to be transported with use of the regular SUV vehicle (or in standard container) . It consists of the trailer carrying plastic interlocking pads that create sturdy flat clear surface for helicopter operation that prevents lift of the small objects from ground or sand in desert areas into a the intake of the helicopter turbo shaft engine. Trailer also holds the landing lights and signal system, generator, meteorological station and standard aviation communication system. Typical deployment time is 30 minutes. Operating temperature -40 +55C. Operating surfaces: turf, soil, sand, gravel, tarmac, concrete.

All the traffic control systems comes with power generators, complete airport light and signalization systems and necessary power wires on spools so the s airports can be functional shortly after arrival on the site. The TCT module comes with double cable floor, access spiral stairway and steel platform with safety railings, optional meteorological equipment, impact resistant glass, reflectors, obstruction lights, and communication / satellite antennas.

Type of the containers are selected according the actual situation on the site, and this way even completely independent an self sufficient unit can be created, that can accommodate the air traffic crew with all necessary equipment.

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