GlobalPorter : RMT Airport Primary/Secondary Surveillance Radar

RMT Airport Primary/Secondary Surveillance Radar

We are the proud supplier of the most sophisticated airport radar in the world. We work with governments and international airport authorities to offer the safest and most cost effective surveillance equipment available.

RMT Airport Primary and Secondary Surveillance Radar

System Description:

  • PSR radar is designed to combine the newest radar technology with a strong emphasis on high reliability
  • All mechanical parts are equipped with diagnostic sensors and are made of the highest quality materials
  • Computerized diagnostic systems indicate possible failure days or weeks ahead of a critical event
  • Antenna motor drive uses two electric motors, that assures flawless operation even with one failed motor
  • The key electronic systems are multiplied for maximum reliability
  • Latest digital radar with a reliable signal processing system
  • Coherent receiver and transmitter with detection quality improvement
  • Advanced solid state transmitter with minimum maintenance
  • Linear and circle polarization decrease the influence of weather
  • Digital generation and compression signals for higher stability
  • Meteorological information processing
  • Adaptive regulation of digital receiver parameters
  • Best price and quality combination on the market



The RMT solid-state airport surveillance primary radar was designed with regard to eliminate the common failures of the standard airport radar systems of previous generations. Company engineers analyzed all known problems - one by one, and they addressed each of them with a completely revised design. This materialized into a new highly reliable system with low maintenance requirements.

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